International MICE&Wedding Forum-IMWF 2019;

Forms a team of the most valuable players in the arena

on an international field.


International MICE & Wedding Forum-IMWF,

Purposefully binds innovative ideas with joint ventures

of experts and opinion leaders from the industry.

Participants are granted access to one on one contact

with the Royals of the MICE & Wedding Kingdom.

They create a network of long-lasting friendships with

the business generators of the industry

from all around the globe.


The brightest agencies are

handpicked for being the most efficient outbound

players in their source markets from the MICE &

Weddings Industries.


Agencies will be represented by senior staff such as

owners, CEOs, directors etc. In other words,

this forum will present exceptional

grounds to generate thriving businesses.


This forum will leave you mesmerized with a finely

curated content brought to you by top-notch keynote

speakers. Connecting you with the best hotels,

corporate brands, international hotels, chain hotels and

airlines, IMWF 2019, will contribute tremendously to

excelling at your business.


Throughout the forum, B2B meetings will be a

place for efficient communication via pre-scheduled

appointments and promoting your businesses.

IMWF 2019, with the delicate balance of meetings and

events, enables us to strengthen the valuable

connections that we have made in a

well thought out social setting.


Special themed parties, events, new discoveries, mobile

applications, will give you a chance to experience

vibrant synergies and explore new trends.