IMWF 2018

Our goal is to provide an extraordinary communication experience.


World's best MICE&Wedding organizers, industry-oriented speakers, specially selected content; A Business Summit that brings industry leaders together; Having four days of intimate experiences; Inspiring opportunities.


The forum, panels and conferences combined numerous opportunities for intensive interaction and communication with small groups through great parties, lunches, dinners and events planned by the best names in the field.


International MICE&Wedding Forum-IMWF brought together professionals, opinion leaders with strategic innovative ideas and partnerships in the industry. While the participants had the chance to communicate one-to- one with the world's best MICE and Wedding planners, they established long-term friendships and communication networks with industry trend makers from more than 60 countries.


Leading authors, editors, blogger, social media phenomenon, publishers from the international media; In addition, social event planners, corporate event professionals, entertainers; Representatives of five-star hotels, resorts and venues.


IMWF 2018, being the most comprehensive organisation to this day, is also preparing to host its guests in the year 2019. We invite you to take your place in this amazing meeting.